26 Sep 2011


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I will play to be candidate to the government's president starting from today, because not, maybe he would make it much better than some, this way in this tessitura I will go outlining problems and solutions to the topics that I consider vital for the exit of the economic labyrinth in that we have entered, today I have already published in http://blagusadas.blogspot.com my vision of a new Federal" "Spain in which I transform and I contain the communities, in three only federations and I calculate the saving of the reduction of politicians that this would mean.

Following an order of importance and social necessity, the second topic that I want to try it is the unemployment, I have referred many times to this wrong and I believe to have denounced that with the Spanish demographic situation, and their economic matter and European current, the Spanish unemployment is or it will be chronic and stable, if circumstances very especial are not applied.

And this is very serious, because they join two fundamental aspects for the future of the nation, one is the restlessness and the one despairs of the affected society that practically we are all, (that the finger who doesn't have some relative or friend in unemployment gets up) and on the other hand the expense for the economy of the state is not assumable. In data of the 2010 it was calculated that the half cost of for unoccupied (included the social security) it was from 961,4 Eurus to month. Maintaining these data that I don't believe has varied a lot we have an annual expense at the present time, with 20 unemployment %s (4.780,000) unemployed, of 5.768 million annual Eurus. 0,6% of our GDP.

Maybe somebody will tell me that it is not also calculated the losses that represent in the chapter of national productivity, what this human group stops to take place, but it is that I don't want neither to contemplate it, because my theory is that this community never more it will be absorbed, because this unemployment doesn't come given by the world economic crisis that has made stop down the industry and that when he recovers anger reabsorbing people in unemployment, our unemployment is structural and own, because it is par excellence the result of the total destruction of the industry of the hit in Spain "the speculative construction", and this never more it will return.

This unemployment the modern and technologically advanced industry that is the one that should be promoted in Spain, will never be able to him to absorb, not already for its scarce qualification like manpower, but because the new industry doesn't require by no means so much manpower, it is it will stiller grow more the unemployment, although we begin to go up our GDP. There is because to analyze what unemployment type and unemployed have for the most part and to act specifically on the. If we make this, we will see that it is the great immigration avalanche that went to Spain to the call of the real estate bubble, this worker no matter how much it is wanted, you cannot recycle with the necessary speed and it is more, once neither recycled he finds work because there are not so many companies neither positions to absorb them.

This community should return well to its origins it is geographical or of low labor capacity, that is to say or it should emigrate again or we should create work under conditions extras so that it is used outside of the normal circuit of the industrial activity and technique in that Spain will move. The first thing is easy to understand and to make, the worker that doesn't find place and he can or he is helped, it emigrated to their origin or another place where if he finds work, but this is long and it is not neither easy to make, so I would intend to create some special labor conditions to occupy the maximum of these workers.

The serious proposed system the creation of tax-free industrial areas and perfectly controlled obligations that yes, it is not to work in "black" as it is said, but if of working to minimum costs as if these workers were located in the industrial polygons of the India or Mexico or Indonesia or Morocco. And to provide in these places, works of great manpower consumption: textile making, toyshop, shoe store, manipulations in general, This etc. otherwise would attempt if I cannot export manpower, to Care work to occupy it. It is not any atrocity they don't find it.


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