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Leather Goods Factory

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Ubrique in Cadiz, is a Spanish populations dedicated to producing quality leather for leather goods production in general. You can say that Ubrique is the birthplace of the skin in Spain to manufacture leather goods of all kinds, among which are the products of leather and bag star product. Talk about a leather bag made ​​with Ubrique is talking about a bag of quality, warranty, leather jewel. In fact Ubrique is considered a mark with designation of origin, something which is certainly qual...

Leather Goods Factory of Spain

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Founded in 2005, Piel & Mer is a Spanish company dedicated to providing service to the crafting of luxury leather goods. Since its inception and throughout its more than seven years of existence, has consolidated as one of the best factories in luxury leather goods, working for the world's most prestigious brands. In Piel & Mer work every day to meet and solve the needs of our customers, making products tailored to your designs and qualities of each of them. The result is high qualit...

leather goods

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PIEL&MER . We are a company dedicated to the bag manufacture. It is placed in Ubrique (home to leather goods), Province of Cadiz. We have a long tradition making leather goods, more than 40 years of experience in the leatherwork backs us up, and it guarantees an excellent quality. At the moment, our company is dedicated to making bags of prestigious French designers as well as of renowned Spanish brands. Our qualified staff is always ready to give you the best results. Our work philosop...

Leather Goods Fashion

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PIEL&MER , trademark, manufacture of leather goods and accessories, manufacture, leather wallets, wallets, bags, calendars, key rings, cigarette cases, purses, pouches ipas gifts from companies, we have a long career our items are distinguished from the rest by value, have a wide range of collections including exclusive design, manufacture for international companies, if you want designer clothes and leather accessories add feel free to contact us, we manufacture exclusive it...

Leather purse, Piel&Mer , Trademarks

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Piel&Mer is a medium sized manufacturer of leather products, which operates out of the town of Ubrique, in the province of Cadiz. The quality of our products is born out of a long tradition of craftsmanship which has its origin in the town´s distant Moorish past. Today, our artisans take the same pride in their work as their forefathers, creating finely made leather goods which are nationally and internationally prized. Thus, Ubrique has established itself as a world leader in the product...

Leather Goods Factory

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PIEL&MER (Trade Mark) is a Leather Goods Company, 100% UBRIQUE, manufacture Leather Handbags, Wallets, Diaries, Key rings, cigarette cases, Wallets, Business Gifts, we have a long career, our articles are distinguished from the rest by their value for money, we have a wide range of collections, we have sales agents in all communities including Spanish Canary Islands. We manufacture to international firms, if you are designer clothing and leather accessories you want to add feel free to co...


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Blog de la Moda en Articulos de piel y Marroquineria de Ubrique

El éxito de la Manufacturas , Piel&Mer está basado en la elaboración artesanal de todos sus articulos , así como en la utilización de materias primas de primerísima calidad, cuidadosamente seleccionadas, sin dejar de lado el diseño y la innovación en todos sus modelos.

Cabe destacar, que Manufacturas Piel&Mer , es una empresa puntera en la elaboración de Articulos de piel y Marroquineria en los diferentes tipos de pieles ,la elaboración de diseños para firmas nacionales y internacionales , fabricamos nuestros productos en Ubrique cuna de la mejor tradición marroquinera de España .

Así mismo, el riguroso control de calidad que establece en todos sus productos hace que sea una empresa reconocida en el mundo de la marroquineria y complementos de toda España .

Elaboramos , Carteras , Billeteros , Bolsos , Agendas , Monederos , Llaveros , Pitilleras , Porta Abanicos , Fundas de Móvil , Pureras , Maletas , Porta Bloc , Regalos de Empresas , personalizamos los articulos para eventos , fabricación nacional 100% , Ubrique , Spain .

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Piel&Mer , es una marca registrada de articulos de piel y marroquineria de Ubrique , somos fabricante y distribuidores de las marcas Piel&Mer y El Cocker , nuestros productos están fabricado en Ubrique , para la producción de nuestros articulos contamos con marroquineros de muy alta cualificación profesional , fabricamos y diseñamos modelos en exclusiva para marcas de prestigio internacional , fabricamos todo tipo de articulo de piel y marroquineria , bolsos , carteras , billeteros, monederos , agendas , joyeros , fundas de ipad , llaveros , pitilleras y todo tipo de complementos de piel .





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