18 Jul 2012

Relationship of Rotary Rate and Efficiency of Impact Crusher

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Impact crusher is a new type of highly efficient crushing machine which is indispensible in the stone and sand production of such industries as high speed railway, highway and buildings. Combined that the particle shape of the products produced by this machine is polyhedron and the final products can be closely connected with the concrete, so that the impact crusher is an appointed machine for the construction of nation highway. Especially that the crushed particles of the impact crusher and the comprehensive performance of the final products granularity is relatively excellent, so it is highly trusted by the sand and stone industry.

Compared with hammer crusher, the impact crusher has high crushing granularity and its rotor is able to produce high speed impacting energy. When working driven by the motor, the rotor rotates with high speed, and when the materials go into the hammer effect area, they will hit against with the hammer on the rotor and be crushed and then they will be thrown to the impacting device and crushed again, and then bounce back from the impacting lining board and are crushed again, and this process will proceed over and over again, and the materials will go into the first, second and third impacting chamber from big ones to small ones to be crushed over and over again until the materials are crushed to the needed granularity and discharged from the discharging mouth. The heavy rotor impact crusher has many advantages such as simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high output, light weight and the crushed products are in the shape of cube.raymond mill:http://www.hx-crusher.com/raymond_mill.html
rotary kiln:http://www.hx-crusher.com/

During the working process of the impact crusher, the quality and working efficiency of the machine is determined by the rotary rate, and the crushing efficiency will improve with the increase of the rotary speed, but high rotary speed will worsen the abrasion of the main butt ends and severely influence the service life of the crusher. Hongxing Machinery reminds the impact crusher users to reasonably and correctly use the impact crushing equipment in order to reach ideal production efficiency.


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