18 Ene 2011

Water Sports in Canary Islands: our experience

Escrito por: Moisés Alejandro Barrios González el 18 Ene 2011 - URL Permanente

Thanks to their unique location, the Canary Islands have the perfect weather conditions to fully enjoy a large variety of Water Sports. For the Surfers among us, some of Europe’s best waves are to be found just a short car journey away from the main tourist locations. Schools for aspiring surfers are to be found on all major beaches and attract some of the most accomplished teachers from around the globe. Why not make it a holiday never to forget and leave with a new skill?
Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing come into their own, with beaches such as Tenerife’s El Medano rating as some of the best world-wide. All manner of Water Activities can be found in the Canaries, ranging from Scuba Diving and Snorkelling to Kayaking and Sailing. Whale and Dolphin watching cruises circle the islands, with 28 species living in the waters close to the shore visitors easily spot dolphins and pilot whales whilst the lucky may even manage to see minke, sperm and even killer whales!


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