06 Abr 2012

hotel palace barcelona, and w hotel Barcelona, the beginning of luxury expension

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The firm Alicante through his company will build two new Harinsa Qatar million dollar projects in Qatar and Algeria for an amount exceeding 100 million euros. The construction Alicante has awarded the five star hotel in the city Buzwair Tower Doha Qatar, with a budget of 86 million euros and implementation of a structure of 90,000 square meters to build two towers in Oran, on the other 13, 5 million euros.

The company set up a skyscraper of 45 floors in the business district of Doha, with an area of ​​68,000 square meters. The contract, with two years of implementation, including construction and design, along with The Architects House, a luxury hotel, the Buzwair Tower, with 90 rooms and 260 suites.
This is his sixth project in Qatar, which has already built the Military Academy, a training camp a sports area, a technology center, another five star hotel of 45 floors and a luxury residential building.

ECISA The company is already building a building of 41 luxury homes, and will now build the structure of a residential complex of two towers of 20 and 24 plants, a set which will also include parking, shopping and dining options.

ECISA Business Corporation
With 30 large buildings in Benidorm ECISA is the Spanish and European companies that has built more skyscrapers.
ECISA closed 2011 with a record of recruitment, 200 million euros, 130 of them in foreign markets, and sales of 117 million, 44 international projects.
The construction expected this year a production of 180 million, of which 55% correspond to the international market and recruitment figures of 225 million, 75% abroad.
Two-thirds of his works and 40% of sales come from the construction and allotment in the foreign market.

they are planning to build another hotel w barcelona


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20 Ene 2012

Luxury gym in Barcelona W hotel

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Summer is over and we're all thinking ahead. This is the time, next to the month of January, ideal to join the gym. It's time the good intentions and that comes with power after have told you had a great holiday.

But the ideal club there so a good idea to join a luxury gym usually offer many activities, but with few people per class. Wow, exclusive to the fullest. They are also located in privileged enclaves to enjoy while you crush a little. They are more expensive, of course, but also much more private and sometimes pay a little more worthwhile.

hotel w barcelona

In the basement of hotel w barcelona
, better known by locals as the Vela Hotel is Sweat, a 300 square meter gym fully equipped with Technogym machines in the firm, ie the most modern on the market. Here you will come not just to feel good about yourself and secrete endorphins while having a good time to exercise, but also the ideal place to let off seeing the sights of the beautiful sandy beaches in front of you while you do not stop running on the treadmill . Just see the images of Sweat to want to be doing exercise while enjoying one of the best views of the city.

The people who come do not have to be hosted in the hotel, on the contrary, many executives are the neighboring World Trade Center and offices around cruisers. Yes, the dress code is chic sporty, ie fashion brand in keeping with the hotel.

And if you were a fan of fitness, you will not feel disappointed because it has everything: treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bicycles and televisions equipped with weight machines, yoga mats and all equipment that you can imagine. And you can always go back home jogging or cycling along the bike path that runs along the beach of Barceloneta.

Hours: 8 am to 22 pm every day

Price: 130 euros per month and 80 euros a week.

Address: Hotel W

Plaça de la Rosa del Vents 1 - Final Passeig de Joan de Borbó ·

Barcelona 08039

Phone: 93 295 28 00



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