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09 Nov 2011

luxury hotels discounts to attract customers

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Even the luxury hotels offer discounts to attract customers. The most exclusive hotels in Buenos Aires devise strategies to attract more guests. In addition to lower prices, they also offer massages, dinner or late check out gift. The level of reserves fell to 55% for the summer, almost 90% against last season
A year ago, walking the streets of Buenos Aires was like to travel in a foreign country: Portuguese, English and German were among the languages ​​heard. Buenos Aires was full of foreign tourists and five-star hotels were full, with 100% reserves for December and more than 85% according to the hotel, for January, February and March.
But the scenario is completely different these days. The tourism sector is one of the many affected by the global financial crisis, and not five-star hotels are outside the impacts Buenos Aires. Near the beginning of December, one of the highest occupancy months for the holidays, stocks ranging from 70% to 75% on hotels like Sofitel Buenos Aires Alvear Palace Hotel, Sheraton Park Tower.
To encourage more bookings, most offer promotions, discounts ranging from 15% to 20% on weekends until dinner, massage or late check out as gifts.
Nevertheless, it remains unclear what will happen between January and March. "Right now we are in January and February by 55%, but we estimate to 65% or 70% occupancy. By March it is still early, "says Maria Jose Gutierrez, Public Relations Manager Sheraton Park Tower Buenos Aires, which charge from u $ s 225 u $ s 345 night, respectively.
"We have a reservation 20% less than in previous seasons. The decline is especially noticeable in the corporate market since the crisis began to reduce corporate travel costs of its officers, shortening the stay, the hotel changed to a lighter category or avoid travel through video conferencing " said Jorge Tito, director of Sofitel Buenos Aires, with rooms from u $ s 300 without taxes.
Fewer bookings for luxury hotels
All agree that there was a fall in reserves and, above all, that customers wait until the last moment to confirm. The expected average for January and February is 70%, but stocks are still at 50% or 55% off 85% and 90% of the previous season. "The drop was visible in the volume previously confirmed reservation, but for the holidays, from 23 December, the hotel is fully booked," says Cecilia Nigro, director of public relations at the Alvear Palace Hotel, where the night quotes from u $ s 529 plus VAT.
Reserves are the largest groups are desired. "The confirmation of events is given at the last minute. Previously planned four to six months in advance, now just a month before, "says Tito. The hotels agreed that individual tourism-and leisure guests, is the least affected segment. In general, five star tourists do not cancel your holiday, he says, although in some cases rescheduled the trip because, at this critical moment, can not leave her workplace.
Nevertheless, the broader presidential suites, luxurious and expensive, are reserved for certain periods during the summer. And most guests still in Europe and America, both the Sofitel and the Palace as Alvear Duhau Park Hyatt, Sheraton and Park Tower.
Although this year more are expected landfall -122 cruise against the record of 99 last season, according to the Government of Buenos Aires, is expected that fewer passengers: there will be more ships, but less full, which will also affect hotels luxury, since cruise passengers tend to stay in them before or after the trip


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