02 May 2009

New project. 1 short movie in 1 month

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Today we have started a new project. To star and finish a 5 minutes movie in 1 month.

The idea started this Tuesday, in our camera club. There's a spacial projection session in one month, and it would be nice if we could present something new.
So, we have make a new team. Daniel Lopez, and myself.

Daniel has made a nice short movie (don't have yet a link).
We meet today in a cafe, in a small village close to the Leman lake in Switzerland.

He had a laptop and I had a proto-idea. One hour after, Catherine joined us and by mid-day we had a treatment for a short.

I'm now waiting for Daniel to send us the corrected copy, and i'll start right away to transform the treatment into a preliminary technical script without dialogs. From there, we would be able to make the list of atrezzo we need.

1 month is a short time. But the idea is to shoot in a weekend in two weeks.
That makes, more or less
-2 weeks for preproduction
-2 days for shooting
1 week for post-production (edting and soundtrack)

I cannot tell the story but I can advance that there's two locations, and 4 characters.

Ah, and we still have no tittle. we just forgot to think about that.


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