10 Feb 2012

Why Construction Machinery Instantly Return to the Rational Development

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The construction machinery industry has never been no lack of passion and heroes, so only the decade of growth, turning a few Fan and get the fastest growth rate of machinery and equipment manufacturing,Mobile impact crusher to enter the global market the most competitive machinery industry, and a series of crown ...The ... even the most character impressively born here. Several major features of the construction machinery industry encroaching, Zhanshanweiwang, and capital operation regarded beats, but also created a wealth of myths. Million, the billionaire until the richest man in China, at least shows that highlight the wealth effect of this industry, then according to the natural attributes of the capital, it will inevitably lead to capital trends and selectivity. In other words, the Chinese construction machinery industry, especially the ultra-high profits of the excavaChina spiral classifiertor, people yearn for, addicted to facilitate capital rush is not surprising that, in addition to the mentality of the industry itself show off their wealth, upstarts like publicity, resulting in a suction gold phenomena intensifies. China construction machinery industry needs a healthy healthy developmMagnetic drum separatorent, as a healthy human body, not only have good health, needs to have a sound personality and mentality.
In a few years ago, the people of insight points out that the Chinese construction machinery industry need to be amended to the development of ideas, the need to nurture the industry culture, in order to ensure the healthy development of enterprises. After nearly ten years of rapid development Hammer crusherand, frankly, the Chinese construction machinery industry needs to precipitation and calm, more rational. Longer than the scale of competition, like to attack the hills, Zhanshanweiwang, so full of hustle and bustle of noise and floating within the industry, product homogeneity serious, some basic elements of basic parts, critical components, such as long-term has not been resolOre flotation equipmentved, technical innovation, research and development overlooked or even ignored. Therefore, the knowledge, said the market deserted, the industry for the treatment of overheating fever, perhaps not a bad thing if the vicious competition, if there are more bad dFlotation cellebt, the excavator of the price war is inevitable. The cut and thrust of market competition, the most effective way is naturally the price war, This is the most common and easiest approach, however, Kill a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred. Determinants of the price, the only conditions in the market economy, namely supply and demand relationship! So human intervention is not only unrealistic, but also can not work for latecomers, with the elevation of the threshold of the industry, to maintain good performance is bound to need more capacity and effort.
Was amazing year-end rewards to a sum or 59 million, award-winning self-satisfied, elaHydraulic cone crusherted, site viewers the envy of everyone, from outbound tourism will pay for the package consumer to buy excavator sent to BMW, Mercedes-Benz from the advance payment.mortgage loans, credit loans, hire purchase and pre-sales, zero down payment, acceptances appeared one by one, means of construction machinery sales have been doing their utmost. Regardless of manufacturer or agent, excavators irrational competition seems to be the trend in the clamor, all the excitement of gambling is nothing more than high-growth market in the future! Lei Shing Hong, the world's largest distributor - Caterpillar agent mentioned that the matter can be described as pains the heart: I do not want to send Mercedes-Benz, I do not want in phases, but not even the high-end Kartli Star line also had to bow to China's market potential rules (if this is a kinds of rules) is intended only for sales look good. Payment of getting goods to buy something to pay the money, the market rules since the emergence of the commodity economy, much exists in name only in the Chinese construction machinery market potential! However, There is no free lunch, has long been market rumors, some well-known enterprises have emerged owned debt, many host manufacturers is no secret that there are non-performing assets. Receivable debts of more than 10 billion yuan in accordance with the printing of the argument, some of the leading companies, and even as high as 30 billion yuan, in a sense, has been insolvent.

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