15 Feb 2012

Sales Groups of Intelligent Display are Challenged

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Intelligence to become a new trend,Stone jaw crusher smart phones, smart appliances and smart TV concept in the entire IT industry in recent years, many vendors and sought after, even in commercial and enterprise-class "wisdom of the earth"strategic objectives. CES2012 show, held this year in the United States, intelligent elements pervade all areas of industry. For display products, Lenovo, Acer and other manufacturers last year on a "smart display" concept and planning, but did not come up with related products. You smart TV appearance and preparation of large-scale listed, at the same time people are looking forward to: TV products are somewhat similar to the monitor when it will become more intelligent?China vibrating feeder According to the current standard of smart TV, we can define the so-called "smart display": with the most basic display image function at the same time, be able to connect to the Internet (via a wired or WiFi), and not connected to the host PC is simple functions, such as the Internet,Clinker rotary kiln look at pictures, videos, photos, and more. Or even to join in the future similar to Apple Siri voice control functions similar to Microsoft Kinect this human-computer interaction.
Intelligent display should have the function, I believe the figure will immediately emerge in my mind for a product - the AIO machine. In a monitor in the X86 architecture CPU, memory, hard drives, graphics cards and other traditional PC components, the final form of a monitor placed in front of people, happens to have all the smart monitor should be some function, but in architecture and the use of methods is not much difference with the traditional PC industry more display products with a clean break.Magnetic separator Lenovo and Acer before the proposed smart display concept and the existing one big difference, although it will also have a CPU (ARM architecture) and storage media and Internet access, but more will make use of "cloud computing "concept, allowing users to synchronize data, procedures and other information to a remote server,Flotation separator and as mobile operating systems such as mobile phones can download applications and games to meet the diverse needs of the user. Lenovo launched in this year's CES2012 show Android smart TV provides a good model. Intelligent monitor or television advantages: manufacturers can no concerns about the use of more powerful mobile chips, do not like, consider the problem of heat, battery life. Smart displays whether the meaning of existence, which consumers will buy, when will he sold in the market? From a technical perspective, the smart display in terms of hardware will not encounter too many obstacles existing ARM architecture CPU and other core components in cell phones and tablet PCs have been applied very mature, and software, regardless of the Android mobile operating system or application in the Chrome system, netbooks are also the rapid development in maintaining low power consumption, fast start / closed at the same time, through third-party software for the user to provide a variety of functions, the two aspects of smart displays have been good appearance preparation,China dryer but the key is: this product should sell it?
From the current sales situation, the best mobile phone industry in intelligence, not all products are intelligent. Smart phone selling is because of its well positioned to meet the user demand,Rotary kiln but at the same time non-smart phone also has a larger sales volume, indicating that not everyone should take the mobile Internet, positioning, play games and a variety of applications, only a lot of people take cell phone users send text messages. This fully demonstrates that based on consumer demand for the use of intelligent or may be, instead of "smart and intelligent". From the current B2C consumer point of view, ordinary users are most concerned about is the actual display color performance, rather than other features. Reliable color display products in the user groups which naturally has a good reputation, despite its not enough "smart" but, in addition to the PC desktop, the user can via a laptop computer or mobile phone or tablet to extend external, so easy to solve not enough "smart", "smart display" B2C consumer failed to grasp the most basic needs, coupled with a relatively high price is difficult to get too many people of all ages. As our analysis on the previous page, do not need to be purchased separately for the B2B market, lower the cost of procurement of smart displays (PC host), to facilitate the post-maintenance and management believe will attract businesses and education units, so monitor vendors can start from the B2B type of market, to provide more convenience for this part of the consumer groups. In short, the future development goals of the intelligent is not a monitor, its just an integral part of a segment of the market strategy for user groups and needs, it will not have the monitor existing patterns and classification of conflict, is not very mysterious things for consumers to do is still based on the actual needs of rational choice, there is no need to bother to pursue a new concept or technology.

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