06 Feb 2012

Merger and Reorganization Promote the Development of the Mining Machinery Industry

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For a long time, China's coal industry long-term accumulation of extensive development, the more serious contradictions. According to the China Coal Industry Association experts, increase the elimination of the intensity of high energy consuming industries in the current,Hammer crusher and actively promote the situation of energy saving, the increase in coal demand down the trend of the times, the pressure of overcapacity has become increasingly evident. At present, various types of coal mining enterprises up to 11 200 corporate average annual production capacity of 300,000 tons, the prevalence of industry concentration is low, backward technology,Secondary cone crusher low rate of recovery of coal resources, waste of resources and environmental pollution problems. Scattered, small coal mining enterprises, making the resources of production management is very complex, while in the case of regulatory difficulties,Magnetic separator a lot of waste of coal resources has occurred frequently. Dismissive of the lack of supervision and management of coal mining enterprises, coal resources of the inferior small pieces,Flotation machine resulting in a serious waste of resources. Coal mining enterprises of the merger and reorganization is inevitable, merger and reorganization to strengthen the industry, is more conducive to the rational exploitation and use of resources.
China Coal Industry Association, the experts pointed out that market-oriented integration and restructuring of the coal enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of the large state-owned coal enterprises to enhance the overall quality of the coal industry, to strengthen macro-control of the coal industry, to increase national coal control, establishing the basic position of coal in primary energy, protect the long-term stable supply of coal. Run effect of coal enterprises in Inner Mongolia,Magnetic drum separator Henan, Shaanxi,Ore flotation equipment Yunnan and other provinces, autonomous regions and metallurgy, mining, chemicals, electricity, transportation corporate reorganization, the advantages are obvious, which is conducive to more scientific and rational pattern of coal supply,Ball mill production need to converge to a more coordinated.
The experts pointed out, and vigorously promote merger and reorganization will promote the production and use of coal mine machinery. Although the current level of mechanization of coal mining enterprises in the southern region of relative low, but generally speaking, mining machinery and large-scale mechanized mining equipment will be more widely used. To enhance the level of mining machinery and equipment, will promote the level of modernization of China's coal enterprises to continuously improve, mergers and acquisitions, production safety, continue to strengthen.
Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production of large and medium-sized crusher, sand making machine, ball mill, and its matching attached machine specialized machinery manufacturing company. All the products are passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification and CE certification. Good opportunities for development in the process of merger and reorganization of the coal industry development, market demand for coal crusher, launched more suitable for the coal industry PCZ single-stage hammer crusher (combo crusher)


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