03 Ago 2009

BREWERY chiefs were branded "irresponsible"

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Just one bottle of powerful Tokyo* contains six units of alcohol - the same as THREE PINTS of normal-strength lager.

Its Scots creators BrewDog insist the ale will actually CURE binge-drinking - because it's so potent, punters will down less of it.

But dismayed health experts rubbished those claims last night.

Jack Law, chief exec of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said: "They're completely deluded if they think an 18.2 per cent beer will solve Scotland's alcohol problems.

"It's utterly irresponsible to bring out a beer that is so strong when Scotland is facing unprecedented levels of alcohol-related harm."

BrewDog, based in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, sparked controversy when it launched its original 12 per cent Tokyo beer last year.

But now, it's brewed an even stronger Tokyo*, using jasmine, cranberries, malt and hops fermented with a champagne yeast.

Boss James Watt - who tuns the operation with Martin Dickie - said his firm was helping to promote responsible drinking by educating people about booze.

He said: "Our hardcore beers are loaded with flavour, bite and body, so you drink less of them.

"Industrially-brewed lagers are so bland and tasteless that you're seduced into drinking a lot of them.

The beers we make at BrewDog, including Tokyo*, provide a cure to binge beer-drinking."

But health campaigners insist quaffing such a strong brew could trigger problems.

Mr Law added: "Just one bottle of beer contains six units of alcohol - twice the recommended daily limit."

The British Liver Trust pointed out a pint would contain 12 units - the equivalent of a bottle of wine.

A spokeswoman said: "Glamorising the strength of beer won't deter people from drinking heavily. On the contrary, the notion of binge-drinking is to get drunk quick, so surely this beer will help people on their way."

A BMA Scotland spokeswoman said: "A high-alcohol content is equally damaging as drinking vast quantities."

BrewDog has produced 3,000 limited edition bottles, which will only be available through its website or specialist retailers.

Earlier this year, watchdog the Portman Group wanted the firm's Speedball drink withdrawn because it shared a name with an infamous drugs cocktail.


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